What ingredients are bad in shampoo? Stay away from the 9 harmful ingredients in shampoo and sell good shampoo to your customers to achieve your sales goal. Do you know?Most shampoos contain toxic chemicals that will satisfy the hair immediately. They can make hair clean, shiny, elastic and smooth, and many customers are usually satisfied with these effects. However, these short-term benefits are accompanied by long-term adverse effects, and more than 90% of shampoos contain harmful ingredients. Do you know What ingredients to avoid in shampoo?

What ingredients to avoid in shampoo? Below, we summarize 9 harmful ingredients:


Sulfate can only remove the dirt on the surface of the scalp and hair. If these surfactants such as SLS and sles are added in excess, they will be destructive. Long term use of this kind of shampoo will cause imbalance of oil secretion and damage of scalp protection barrier, which is the root cause of greasy, dry, forked, dandruff and hair loss.

2.Methyl isothiazolinone &methyl chloroisothiazolinone (MIT, CIT)

As a powerful bactericidal preservative in shampoo, these two are very irritating to the scalp and cytotoxic. The EU has defined them as contact sensitizing ingredients. Children with sensitive muscles should pay more attention to these ingredients.


P-hydroxybenzoate is a preservative used in personal care products since 1920s. Adding it to shampoo is mainly to prevent bacterial breeding and prolong the shelf life of hair care products. P-hydroxybenzoates belong to the subclass of endocrine disruptors called isoestrogens. Therefore, they have estrogen like effects. This means that when they enter the body, they are stored in fat cells together with natural estrogen, thereby increasing the overall estrogen level in the body. The accumulation of estrogen in the body is associated with an increased risk of cancer. In particular, p-hydroxybenzoate is associated with breast cancer.

4.Mineral oil

Mineral oil is a colorless oil derived from petroleum. It is a common ingredient in skin care and hair care products. Applying mineral oil to hair can create a barrier, prevent hair moisture loss, and make hair look shiny and feel soft. That sounds good, but don’t forget that it comes from the same petroleum derivative as car fuel. Imagine the benefits of rubbing gasoline on your hair?


Alcohol can play the role of sterilization. Normally, there will be no problem, but long-term contact with the head will spread the effect of alcohol to brain tissue and affect memory. In addition, alcohol will stimulate hair follicles, and long-term use will make hair less.


Formaldehyde exists in hair care products as a preservative. Do you want to use keratin care instead of smooth hair? look out! These treatments may contain a carcinogenic ingredient called formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasing agent. Bromonitrophenol, imidazolidinyl urea and diazoalkyl urea are formaldehyde releasing agents. These ingredients will be absorbed by the skin. Excessive contact with formaldehyde will cause hair loss. When combing your hair every day, you find that hair loss is very serious. This is not because you lack some element, but because you have been using washing products containing formaldehyde.


Triclosan is an antibacterial agent, with the scientific name of “dichlorophenoxychlorophenol”, the chemical molecular formula is c12h7cl3o2, also known as “triclosan”, “triclosan”, etc. triclosan is normally white or gray crystalline powder, with a slight smell of phenol. Insoluble in water, easily soluble in lye and organic solvents.

8.Retinol palmitate

Retinol palmitate is an effective component that acts on skin cell renewal. It may cause slight irritation. However, if excessive, it will lead to skin itching, redness and peeling. It can also lead to cancer, reproductive problems and organotoxicity.

9.Selenium sulfide

Although selenium sulfide has a good dandruff removal effect, due to its high concentration, it will cause contact dermatitis, dry scalp or hair, serious hair bleaching and hair loss. Keep away from selenium sulfide.

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