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Formrybeauty is a leading shampoo bar manufacturer in China, providing organic and natural private label shampoo bars.These solid shampoo bar recipe are rich in a variety of essential oils and plant extracts. As foamy as liquid shampoo and with good cleaning power, its PH value is almost close to the scalp.They are also long-lasting and great value. One bar is equivalent to three bottles of 250ml regular shampoo and can be used about 80 times.We reject artificial dyes, sulfates, irritating chemicals and other substances that damage hair. We are also determined to achieve sustainable beauty for all. No matter men, women, teenagers, children, babies, pregnant women and breast-feeding women , they all will have healthy scalps and beautiful hair.

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We offer free shampoo bar samples for you to experience. You can find the customer’s preferences in the samples. In this way, you can cut down your investment risk. These“small but strong”private label shampoo bars can let your customers create perfect hair anytime, anywhere. Therefore, add them to your own shampoo bars line, your customers will enjoy our high-quality solid shampoo bar, whether in hotels, spas, salons or at home.

Fluffy Shampoo Bar

Plump & Fluffy Shampoo Bar

Seaweed series

Compliance Repair Shampoo Bar

Jasmine Flower series

Oil control & Refreshing Shampoo Bar

Mint series

Prevent hair loss Shampoo Bar

Cinnamon Ginger series

Nourish & Repair Shampoo Bar

Honey series

Moisturizing Shampoo Bar

Soothing & Moisturizing Shampoo Bar

Rose series

Clean Shampoo Bar

Refreshing & Clean Shampoo Bar

Lemon series

Black Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar

Bamboo Charcoal series

Deoiling & Smoothing Shampoo Bar

Deoiling & Smoothing Shampoo Bar

Lavender series

Dandruff Shampoo Bar

Dandruff & Repair Shampoo Bar

Marigold series

Soften & Nourish Shampoo Bar

Soften & Nourish Shampoo Bar

Rosemary series

Nourish Scalp Shampoo Bar

Polygonum Multiflorum series

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