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Hair Care Contract Manufacturers

Full Turnkey Product Development & Manufacturing in 9 Easy Steps.

At Formerbeauty, We take care of all your formulating, manufacturing, and packaging needs so you can put your time and efforts into marketing your products.

1.   Submit Requirement

2.   Formulate Samples

3.   Get Free Samples For Evaluation

4.   Samples Approved

5.   Artwork Reviewed & Approved (Product Containers, Packaging Design

, Printing Processes)

6.   Packaging Ordered

7.   Product Mixed, Filled, & Packaged

8.   Final Product Test

9.   Shipped To Partner

You can rely on us to create your own hair products & complete the order quickly:

  • Hair Shampoos.

  • Hair Conditioner.

  • Hair Mask.

  • Hair Oil.

  • Hair Gel.

  • Shampoo Bar.

  • Hair Essence.

  • Hair Spray.

  • Hair Vitamins.

  • Hair Wax.

  • Hair Dye Cream.

  • Beard Oil.

  • Hair Paste.

  • Hair Pomade.

  • Hair Scrub Cream.

Our partners’ products can be found at these stores.

hair care contract manufacturers

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