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Formerrybeauty serves famous brands and also happy to put our full-service at your brand.

3 ways to easily get the formula you want.

We aim to meet your requirements and ensure high quality and price advantage.

Recommend formulas that can meet your customer needs and budget for you.

Develop your own formula based on your preferred key ingredients or ideas.

Reproduce & optimize their formulas based on your preferred brand.

Manufacture For You.

Whether your order is 2,000 pieces or 200,000 pieces, or more, you can get worry-free service from production to delivery.


Salon Shampoo

foam shampoo

Foam Shampoo

Baby Shampoo

Baby Shampoo

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Other Featured Products:Conditioner, Hair Mask, Hair Oils, Hair Wax, Hair Paste, Hair Gel/Pomade, Hair Clay

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Why Choose Us.

We evaluate all details for you that includes product conception, sample formulation, compliance and regulatory reviews.

We have developed and manufactured shampoos in practically every form.We will turn your shampoo concept into a reality.

  • Daily Shampoo(For Example: Shampoo for oily hair)
  • Baby Shampoo
  • 2-in-1 Shampoo with Conditioner
  • Salon Shampoo
  • Hotel Shampoo
  • Shampoo Bar & Conditioner Bar
  • Foam Shampoo  etc.

We distinguish ourselves from other contract shampoo manufacturers by making quality assurance a top priority.

  • We offer shampoo manufacturing services to you with best-in-class formulation capabilities. All of our products manufacturing is done at cGMP certified, FDA inspected facilities.
  • At every stage of the production process, our facilities conduct stringent quality control checks.
  • Our facilities also continually monitor and control environmental factors to optimize the preservation, purity, and potency of active ingredients.

After establishing your formula, our team can work with you throughout hair products contract manufacturing process to help you create products that:

  • We develop and manufacture hair products in accordance with EU standards.
  • We work seamlessly with world-renowned raw materials suppliers,and help of leading product technologies and manufacturing techniques, Produce first-rate hair care products for you.
  • Comply with industry regulations in your country.
  • We provide product composition testing reports.
  • Not only are we a leading shampoo manufacturer, but we offer Bottle Container, Logo Design, Label Design, Packaging Design, & Printing Service Solutions to you For Free. So that you can bring your shampoo to the market faster and easier.
  • We provide service support 24/7.Your order will be managed by one of our knowledgeable Production Specialists, who will ensure that all of your questions are answered to ensure the shampoo we create for you arrive on time, meet your exact specifications and quality requirements.

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Hair Care Product Manufacturer

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Hair Care Product Manufacturer

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After sample, You can get worry-free service from production to delivery.

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