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We are a FDA-registered hair pomade manufacturer in China, We are renowned for our Competitive Prices, Full Services, and Fast Delivery, and are trusted by global startups and established brands.

Make clear your requirements for hair pomades, Formerrybeauty can support you from both OEM and ODM service easily & effectively for you.

OEM & ODM at Factory Price.

We focus on innovation in formula and production technology, offering competitive prices to our customers.

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to customize samples for free to check the product quality.

On-Demand Services.

We offer any desired custom packaging options, from tubes to pumps. Custom hair pomades can be easily and safely with Formerrybeauty services as below.

Hair Pomade Manufacturer

Custom hair pomades.

You can rely on our curated formulas to get high quality hair pomades, You can also request us to customize your hair pomades based on your preferred ingredients & fragrance.

  • For various hair types, such as curly hair, normal hair and dry hair.

  • Strong Hold, Alcohol-Free, and All Natural Ingredients.

  • Molding/Shaping, Shine/Gloss, Matte/Natural Look.

  • For unisex, female, or men.

Make the same formula.

Do you want to make the same formula as your favorite hair pomade at a more favorable price?

You just need to tell us its ingredient list, or send us the sample. Our formula engineers can easily help you turn it into reality.

Hair Pomade Manufacturers

Free Design.

Do you need logo & label design? We can offer high-end design services to you for free.

Free Printing.

We offer high-quality label printing to our customers for free.

Free Sample.

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to customize samples for free to check the product quality.

MOQ & Price.

For custom pomade, you can get our factory price when the first order quantity is 2000 pieces.

Fast Delivery.

Our full services & daily production capacity of 50,000 pieces can quickly deliver your order.

Hair styling products.

We ensure that all hair styling products will be manufactured efficiently and accurately in cGMP facility.

 We offer a full range of hair care products. If you need any other products, you can contact us via Whatsapp:+86 186 6504 8003

Hair Gel/Pomade

Hair Clay

Hair Paste

Hair Wax

Hair Wax

Edge Control Wax

Edge Control Wax

Hair Cream

Men’s Fiber Cream

Hair Mousse

Hair Mousse

Hair Wax Stick

We Have Your Best Interest at Heart.

In this challenging business,You need a trustworthy hair pomade manufacturer as your partner, not only to be honest with you, but also to have your best interest at heart.

Free samples are your passport to learn about us. In addition, we offer more support to our customers, including Product Concepts, Packaging Design, Logistics Services, and more. Whether you are a startup or an established brand, we will establish a long-term cooperation with you and support you to grow your business.

The Samples Don’t Lie.

Get Free Samples

What our Clients Have to Say.

Working with Formerrybeauty was one of the easiest parts of starting our pomade line. They’re willing to let us be creative with our ideas and translate them into great products. They helped us at each step of creating a brand new line so we could work with only one company to finish our first collection.

Jessica, USA

Formerrybeauty has helped me with every steps of creating my first collection. From product concept and sample development all the way through to packaging design and bulk production. Formerrybeauty has tailored their services to my needs and made me feel like a very valued customer. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Saima, UK

I have found Formerrybeauty to manufacture high quality pomade, be easy to contact and very good at understanding my needs as a client. Being located in another country, I love how accommodating they are when I do have the chance to see them face to face. They helped me realize my dreams, and I am forever grateful for it.

Maria, Australia

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