Create your own hair products.

Dive into the hair care industry with Formerrybeauty, where your unique vision finds its niche. We provide a One-Stop Worry Free Service to bring your ideas to life. Accelerate your success by tapping into our resource advantages like Low MOQ, High-Quality Ingredients, and Wide Range Manufacturing Abilities. Launch with confidence, create with ease, and establish your label with the professionalism of award-winning designers.

Development & Manufacturing Cycle In 9 Easy Steps.

At Formerrybeauty, all your formulating, manufacturing, and packaging needs will be taken care of. You can put your time and efforts into marketing your products.

Tips: If you haven’t imported from China before, or want a better logistics company, we can handle all for you.

1.   Submit Requirement

2.   Formulate Samples

3.   Get Free Samples For Evaluation

4.   Samples Approved

5.   Product Packaging Design,Printing Reviewed & Approved

6.   Packaging Ordered

7.   Product Mixed, Filled, & Packaged

8.   Final Product Test

9.   Shipped To Partner

Create your own hair products with your brand at factory price.

Formerrybeauty is the source manufacturer of many best-selling hair products. You can rely on us to manufacture high-quality products, as follows. We ensure that you have a price advantage.

  • Hair Shampoos.

  • Hair Conditioner.

  • Hair Mask / Masque.

  • Hair Growth Oil.

  • Hair Spray.

  • Hair Gel / Pomade.

  • Hair Wax.

  • Hair Paste / Clay.

  • Hair Mousse.

  • Shampoo Bar.

  • Hair Dye / Color.

  • Beard Oil.

  • Hair Essence.

  • Hair Vitamins.

  • Hair Scrub Cream.

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